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Community Facilitator 2020-2021

Date Posted: 03/04/2020
Type/Department:Staff in Student Affairs
Search Status:Searching for Candidates - Accepting Applications
Applications Due:04/22/2020
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2020-2021 Community Facilitator Employment Agreement

Terms and Conditions of Community Facilitator Employment


The mission of Residence Life and Housing at Hampshire College is to support and complement the academic program with the goal of creating a holistic environment that encourages collaboration, connections, learning, and personal growth.  We strive to ensure the social, emotional, and physical well-being of each resident through safe, secure, and comfortable housing while fostering diverse, socially just, and inclusive communities. 


In support of our mission, the student Community Facilitator plays a crucial role as a peer leader making connections with continuing students living on campus, promoting dialogic skills in order to foster positive community environments. These connections are established through intentional individual and group conversations, community standards discussions, conflict mediation, referrals, and other collaborative learning opportunities that help residents think critically about the living environments they inhabit and the roles they have within them. Residence Life promotes the skills necessary for students to become engaged participants in their communities, emphasizing both individual initiative and community responsibility. We accomplish this mission through ethical practices, intentional education, advocacy, collaboration, and modeling behavior.


In addition to their work with students, Community Facilitators are expected to engage in their own continued professional development by participating actively in staff meetings, keeping detailed and accurate records of their job activities, submitting timely paperwork, and contributing to the growth of the Residence Life department through sharing creative ideas and active participation in new initiatives.


Term and Status:

The Community Facilitator (CF) is a Hampshire College employee who is required to live on campus. The term of this contract begins at 5:00 PM on August 21, 2020 until noon on December 20th, 2020, and then resumes at 9:00 PM on January 19th, 2021, and ends at noon on May 18, 2021.


Residential Requirement:

The Community Facilitator position is live-in; the live-in element is a critical part of the role. This requires the CF to live on campus during the entire time of this agreement (unless otherwise specified by the Office of Residence Life and Housing). CFs may live in any residential area and participate in the Housing Lottery; they are assigned a specific resident population according to need and skill set. CFs needing accommodations in order to perform their job responsibilities should contact the department of Residence Life and Housing and the Office or Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS).


Remuneration and Time Commitment:

CFs are paid a stipend of $1,150.00 per semester. CFs also receive a financial aid grant of $1,000.00 off the housing fee. The total compensation per semester for the CF is $2,150.00. Community Facilitators also earn one housing lottery point per year while they are employed by Residence Life and Housing.



At the time of hire, the Office of Residence Life and Housing is required to notify financial aid of a student’s employment. CFs should independently consult in person with a representative from the Financial Aid Office on how the compensation of the position will affect their financial aid package.


The total compensation equates to approximately 10 hours per week serving in the CF role. 


CFs are expected to prioritize this role after academics and before co-curricular activities and external employment. Being available and visible in your area is essential to the success of supporting your residents and as such it is expected that a majority of the time spent engaging in this position will take place during evening and weekend hours. Extended time away from your area should be discussed and documented ahead of time with your supervisor. Please review the attached list of required attendance at and participation in events to ensure there will be no work conflicts.


If a conflict should arise, including academic requirements, the conflict should be discussed and documented ahead of time with your supervisor.



  • CFs must be in good standing academically and in conduct-related manners.
  • CFs must maintain and abide by both academic and community standards. See section on Conduct.
  • CFs with less than one year of service must plan to be on campus as a CF for an entire academic year.
  • CFs must be 18 years of age by the position start date.
  • CFs must perform all job responsibilities outlined in the job description to their supervisor’s satisfaction. See section on Unsatisfactory Work Performance.
  • CFs may hold one other stipended position or an hourly campus job for up to 10 hours per week. Taking on an additional role on campus should be discussed with your supervisor beforehand.
  • CFs must remain current on all financial commitments to the College.



CFs are directly supervised by the Area Coordinator (AC) or Resident Director (RD) for their assigned area. CFs will have routine one-on-one meetings with their supervisor. CFs also receive indirect supervision from other Res Life and Housing professional staff.


Responsibilities Outlined in the CF Job Description:

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating communication between staff and residents through regular contact with both constituencies.
  • Knowing the residents in the communities.
  • Engage in individual, structured one-to-one conversations with each resident within your assigned communities regularly.
  • Collaborate with one another to develop workshops that help residents navigate conflict, facilitate community discourse, and develop meaningful interpersonal communication skills.
  • Seek out opportunities to play a critical part in campus climate improvement initiatives in conjunction with your supervisor.
  • Participate in the Community-Wide Orientation program before the beginning of the Fall Semester.
  • Participation in 30-40 hours of student staff training and development sessions throughout the year. This includes training and development sessions before each semester begins, on scheduled evenings and/or weekends throughout the school year and during staff meetings.
  • Participation in the End of Semester/Year Staff Celebrations.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings and individual meetings as outlined by your supervisor.
  • Conducting regular hall/mod meetings facilitating mod/floor agreements as specified by your supervisor.
  • Assisting in the opening and closing of the building(s) at the beginning and end of each semester, arriving on campus in mid-August and staying until residences close.
  • Developing, implementing, and attending programming/workshop events in conversation with their supervisor.
  • Submit Information Reports for students of concern.
  • Physical/work demands include but are not limited to:
    • climbing stairs
    • ability to lift/carry/transport 25 pounds
    • waking from sleep to respond to emergencies
    • receiving frequent visitors requesting CF assistance/support
    • exposure to domestic animals
  • Other duties as assigned.

Hampshire College is an equal opportunity institution, committed to diversity in education and employment.

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