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Orientation Coordinator

Date Posted: 02/13/2017
Type/Department:Staff in Student Affairs
Search Status:Position Filled
Applications Due:03/03/2017
Apply Now:Currently we are not accepting resumes for this position.

The orientation coordinator position is open to all current Hampshire College students who have been orientation leaders or coordinators at Hampshire College at least once before. In order to be an orientation coordinator you must be an active student during the semester immediately following orientation. There are currently three orientation coordinator positions available.

Orientation coordinators are responsible for assisting in organizing and facilitating the orientation program, specifically by providing orientation leader advising and support, and program management. Each coordinator will be assigned approximately eleven pairs of orientation leaders to advise, and they will be responsible for checking in with these leaders on a daily basis throughout the program. Coordinators will be expected to assist leaders by helping to problem-solve group challenges and by providing additional guidance to leaders. Coordinators will check in regularly with the program director to help ensure that groups are running smoothly. In addition, coordinators will be responsible for helping manage orientation, including distributing supplies, preparing facilities for presentations, meeting and assisting guest presenters, and providing impromptu solutions to program problems.

Orientation coordinators will take part in the four full days of training that orientation leaders receive, as well as an additional two days of specialized training spread out over the spring and late summer. Coordinators will be expected to work the full four days of the orientation program, with specific hours determined by the program director. Orientation coordinators will be asked to return to campus earlier than other students, so that they can complete their training.

Successful orientation coordinator candidates will exhibit many, if not all, of the following qualities:

  • commitment
  • follow-through
  • reliability
  • accountability
  • compassion and understanding
  • enthusiasm
  • knowledge of Hampshire College
  • ability to advise/direct
  • flexibility
  • communication skills
  • commitment to being inclusive
  • responsibility
  • respect
  • positive attitude
  • strong problem-solving skills

Orientation coordinators must be able to lift and move 25-50 pounds.

Orientation coordinators report to the director of new student programs. Coordinators will receive a stipend of approximately $90 upon completion of May training, and a stipend of approximately $675 upon their successful completion of the orientation program.* Three meals a day are also offered during the seven days of the orientation training and program in the late summer.

Orientation coordinators must be 18 years of age by the position start date, Friday, August 25. The academic and disciplinary standing of all applicants will be reviewed and considered as a part of the hiring process.

Please note: Applicants may apply for both orientation positions if they desire (orientation leader, orientation coordinator). If you apply for both, you will only be offered the coordinator or leader position, not both.

*Stipend amounts are based on the number of hours worked at a pay rate of $11/hour. Specific hours will be determined by the program director.

Orientation Staff Dates Required:
In order to apply to be an orientation leader, you must be available for all of the following dates and times. Please be sure you can attend all training sessions; exceptions will only be made for course conflicts.

Monday, May 8 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.: All-orientation staff training
Friday, August 25 and Saturday, August 26: ONLY for orientation coordinators
Sunday, August 27 through Wednesday, August 30: All-orientation staff return (August 27), training
Thursday, August 31 through Sunday, September 3: Orientation program

Hampshire College is an equal opportunity institution, committed to diversity in education and employment.

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